Question about Fury resource system

Ok I understand the basics about the Fury system. I just have a few follow up questions

  1. How does MP on Hit/Leech work with it?
  2. Will this make stacking MP worthless?
  3. How does it work with Manashield?
  1. It doesn’t and neither does MP regen. Only Mythics like Harmony and Serenity or Sets like Aether Drain will help recover Fury.
  2. In most cases, yes.
  3. Only case where MP boosting affixes matter. Yes, it will work with Manashield.

Everytime you use a primary attack, you will recover 30%/(Attack/sec) of your Max MP. Using a Special will cause you to lose 50% of your Max MP. Every second you will lose 5% of your Max MP.

Thank you for the answers to my first two questions but the answer to my third question I don’t understand that much. Since Manashield is considered a primary skill, will getting hit build my Fury? That would effectively make me invulnerable so that can’t be how it works.

Using a spell is not the same thing as getting hit… If you get hit while you have Manashield, you will loze Mana/Fury/Energy. You only get Fury when you use primary spells, meaning when you manually cast them.

Ok, Thanks so much.