Question about hireling

if example i have max luck/gold drop/item drop in my main char, does the hireling have my stat to or it uses its own stats regarding luck/gold drop/item drop. tnx guys

Your over all luck and gold find are averaged between both characters all other farming affixes are based off your main and you will get an additional +100% item drops that will go above the cap for using a hireling hope that helps out :smile: :+1:

I don’t think averaging now works as it worked before, becouse if you have one character without luck etc and second one with maxed luck etc for both you still wont get to cap. Now you need those affixes on both characters. Did test that and it was something like that: hireling with 2x crystal luck i had a luck find of 800 (numbers are example). Then added another crystal affix luck for hireling and they still have the same luck, but it should be 100+ more.

os so i should also put the luck affix on my hireling -,- that would be hard

@Yoomi I had the same questions and this thread helped a lot Mechanics behind total effective luck, gold, and item drop %