Question about legendex farming

hi im still new and wandering in game.
just wanna ask about farming legendex items, i am currently on floor 300+ running on m3 difficulty, would i still have a chance on getting like nadroji items i read somewhere in the forum it drops on floor 200 legend difficulty.

2nd question i have my warrior on torrent build is there a Horn that i can farm with 100% dmg?

Hi :smile:

So go to Codex>LegendEx and have a look through the items there. You’ll find all the information you’re looking for. Nadroji drops are found on Floor 200+ on Epic difficulty or above, as you can see there in the LegendEx when you click on the item text. As for the horn, items are convertible to and from other classes using Jasper crystals, so really you’re looking for a horn, trap or skull that has 100% WD affix. Have a look through the LegendEx for all classes and see if you can find such an item. I know of Hunger Trap for the Rogue class has 100% WD but you’re a bit far from being able to farm that. I’m not too sure about others without doing a thorough look through the LegendEx myself :slight_smile: Insolence has Defiant affix and 100% ED which could be a good option for you. Have a look :slight_smile:

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sir if for example the item i want to farm is droppable on 100+ floor should i go back to that floor or continue farming on the highest floor i can clear?

You can keep on farming higher levels, as long as you’re above the minimum required floor then that item will always have a chance of dropping. Note that for some items (including Nadroji) you can only loot them from Epic+ monsters. For that reason I would recommend you attach the Hunter Mythic to your farming ring if you don’t have the equivalent ascension perk. Then you can just buy a ton of maps for the same floor, activate shrines and mana pools, kill the epic enemies that spawn, then jump to the next map and repeat without focusing on the lesser enemy hoards.

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thank you sir!

This might also help you: Farming 2.0 - Faster Stronger Harder Better :smile:

alright sir it helps gonna try doing what i read there thanks a lot for helping

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