Question about main - Warrior or Wizard?


my Hireling will be a roque, due to extremely fast killing speed(mine is WIP).
Now the question is - what would be better as main? Warrior or Wizard?

With the main, I only want to run around and pick up loot of course :slight_smile:

Preference really, but for me I use warrior for Sprint, KnightsCharge and Wrath (debuff activator from hireling build support). Although you can use Amber for KnightsCharge though if you use Wizard.

Warrior and Wizard is great with Block and survivability (depends on the build too).

There are a lot of builds for Warrior and Wizard main farming build :smile:

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I have an wizard with twice ascended…
But I think about to switch on warrior - I guess, he has much more surviveability and can get full farming equipment easier as the wizard…
But I´m not sure about this