Question about proc %

So I have a question about the proc %,let’s say if I have a mythic skill which is a 30% proc chance,and if I put in 6 +10% all proc will I have 90% proc chance of my mythic skill?another scenario would be say I have a 1% chance to proc whatever skill I have,and with 6 +10% will I have 61%?

It says all proc so i would imagin it would be a yes

+10% all proc has a maximum of 20% and applys too all skills with proc in there name

Really? 2 +10% is the maximum?

yup and it shouldn’t affect the mythic skills either because they don’t have proc in their name I’m not 100% sure that they don’t but based on that that they shouldn’t

Oh right!!! Hahaha I forgot to check the stats page before asking this silly question hahah thanks for answering

It’s no problem : D sometimes the stats page doesn’t end up telling you until too late too so it wasn’t silly in the least have a great time farming

If i recall correctly, procs cap at 1 proc per second, even if you have 100% proc chance and hitting 1000 times per second.

For all the mythic skills and skills with proc in there name yes that is the case but that is because they only try too proc once per second they do not try too proc every attack

already ask steiger about that before. he said increase all proc chance (master ms) only effect “proc” like stealth “proc” taunt “proc” orb “proc” eth. he didnt say anything about it effect mythic, so i guess its not effect it.

Yeah OK that’s exactly what it should do based on what it says thanks for the clarification

Hmm ok so it only affects all ‘proc’ skills huh Hahahah thanks everyone :heart_eyes:

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