Question about Scoundrel and Battle Mage, then Discordance

How is the damage calculated when you have skills altering gears…'cause i’m using a boomerang with high dps, the stat page says like i have 500k dps with it…then i equiped a scoundrel item then go back to the stat page to see that my quick-attack dps is just about 200k…

And also, is there any thread in this forums page that will give in-depth information about Discordance because i like to do some experiment with it…

Thanks in advance for the reponses :smile:

I talked about discordance practically a lot on my builds and cronos explains this quite a bit but I’ll happily explain to you.

It is in fact a common but great mythic.

How it works. You probably already know this but it swaps mana cost, MH% DMG, CD and primary to secondary status and possibly APS depending on CD and/or weapon.

For example, if i have chakram and orb, orb will take on the cost, MH% DMG and CD of chakram. Chakram CD is 2 secs but cost is fairly low and gheH% value be swapped. Also swaps Multi Attack and Extra Attack from primary skill to work on any special skill.

That means orb gets 300% MH of the chakram . Yes this case be increased though for great DMG output .

Things that increase MH% when using Discordance Mythic: Push the Limit affix, Hero points, Identity set of different class and the fact that Multi Attack and Extra Attack works on them (usually extra and multi attack only applies to primary skills but this is discordance.

Usually orb goes great with discordance because of very high hit frequency and a huge increase in MH% but this case also be done for other builds.

An example could be Discordance Twisters, Storm, Aftermath meteors, Etc. Also discordance CAN affect procs so it goes great with Terrashaper .

A build using Discordance imo is worth it.

Here’s some examples of builds that used this mythic:

Yeah pretty much all use orb but i did see a video using Discordance Twisters which are just as awesome!

Only discordance twister I’ve seen so far but it’s awesome. Also some of those campaign discordance orb builds could have also used spam discordance Twisters for similar effect and damage but orb does great deal more DG and of course reactor set.


Wow…thanks a lot sir…my only problem now will be how to use Discordance with Battle Mage or Scoundrel properly…i’m curious if the damage of the MH would affect the damage of the new skill set from either BM or Scoundrel… :smile:

Discordance does work with battle Mage , Spell Sword and Scoundrel but if primary skill is switched, it will affect DMG using Discordance.

If you use Chakram boomerang but then you used Battle Mage, not only the blast skill changes into Charge but the MH% and CD will change too.

But battle Mage discordance isn’t the best idea because the whirlwind is the main special skill that you cannot change unless you remove the set. Still other procs can indeed be affected by Discordance so a Proc build with battle Mage for HP and AR could work.

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Update: Proc longer works on discordance lol.

Battlemage + discordance isn’t a good combination . Scoundrel can work but that’s basically just discordance Blinkstrike with dagger but for any class. It does have the 60% balance which means 60% more HP and MP though. Spellsword is discordance with comet and meteor.

All 3 of them not good with discordance in general or at all. Discordance procs was OP.

So how does discordance work now…and also, does Elem DMG% increase the crit dmg or elem crit dmg?

Discordance works the same , EXCEPT for procs. Element % DMG increases your base damage by multiplying the WD before this damage is calculated by skill cast.

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Ow…okay…i guess i just need to find a way to work around discordance with proc…thanks again mr. Cuzeg :smile:

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