Question about the IMP pet

I have my IMP pet on and it is picking up ALL items up to EPIC. I have gone through several levels and it hasn’t generated one legend. Why is this? Do you have to actually make it pick up 5 epics in a row? Does it reset when it picks up items of a different class? I am very much confused. Please explain. Thank you! :smiley:

[quote=“Harahell”]Imp can get up to epic items if u set in options to pick legends+ but he will pick all normal/magic/rare/epic items and he give rare items so he will pick up again the item…
I use in options pick rare+ so my imp gets only normal/magic items and i get rare/epic/legend

And for last… rare items given by the imp sometimes comes with a lot of epic afixes, up to 4![/quote]

I have received 1 legendary ítem from my imp :smile: just be patient

I just do not understand how it works. Every 5 items it grants one of higher tier? Yet my imp destroyed about 60+ items and no legends. I do not understand why it isn’t producing the higher tier.

When the imp picks up enough items, it will give you one item that could be rare, epic or leg. That depends on your luck affixies. More luck you got more leg items will be spawned by imp. I have 7+ leg items from it. If you set your char to pick epic+ items from option menu, the imp will pick all items that are not epic or leg (epic-). If you set that setting, when rare item is spawned by the pet, it will pick it again by itself and will do this until spawns leg or epic item.
I hope that you understand me. My english isn’t very good. :smile:

Set ur options to pick rare+ and ur imp get normal/magic anyways he can reward u with rare/epic/legend

If u set options to pick epic+ legend then he will get all normal/magic/rare(epic) and gives u rare… So he will pick up again the rare items he crafted…
I hope u understand

I understand its random now with a low chance to produce a legend.

That depends on your luck

I have mine pick up blue and white only but have gotten over 7 legs. But I do have over 400 luck.

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It is always intended to produce a better item not necessarily a higher tier. Will find a way to communicate that better

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