[Question] Dodge

Hi! More floor you climb, lower is our dodge…
That’s not viable after the floor 100 (and there is about 200 floors atm), but I read by Steigerbox that there will be infinite floors, so my question is :
Dodge will be pretty useless, maybe you should keep the dodge, regardless the floor we are?

Dodge will likely get refactored once progression update hits to address both viability and the fact that you’ll be progressing past floor 200

Hum okay, thanks for the answer, so dodge build isn’t that efficient, crap I should build HP instead eheh

Thanks for the answer!

I build a bit of dodge and on floor 200 I have around 50% dodge chance and it helps against some fatal attacks.

A bit? lol, i got 6 items with 8-10% dodge per item and I was at 41% at floor 150, so 200th floor I would be at 30% or less!

Oh yes it’s because I use insight so I get +30% dodge chance.

Would you mind screening your pieces and post it here? to see what build u’ve and how much dodge ? :smile:
Dodge will be a problem once w’ll get 200+ floors, it’s already not that effective after 100+ (better take a ton of HP) so… :confused:

Sorry for the wait. My items are not very good but these are the best that I have apart from the robe I’m crafting a better one. Could you tell me if there are things I should change to be better.

PS: The screenshot of my dodge was taken on the floor 200 on difficulty 0 or 3 I don’t remember but I don’t think it changes anything.
I may have taken the defense shrine that is why I had 28 resist in all the elements.