Question for players who can reach floor 2k :)

I rarely get OBSI,AMETHYST AND RUBY from converting Eternals to crystal… Most of the time ZIRCON and GARNET. Well getting Obsidian by just converting Legend is quite a luck. I didn`t know its possible untill now. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Damage Evasion like Dodge is a very good source of protection against mobs in floors where a 1M Hp can go down to zero in seconds…

Like you and Golem who utilizes Dodge, your Defense stat can also be your Offense Stats, Killing anyone before they can kill you…

Try to have Cap Block and Dodge if you can squeeze it in your build and have Pathfinder affix to make use of those Dodge affixes…

Glasscannon builds* are fine but it has limitiations like any other builds out there so take care not to spend all your resources on a build that cant take a punch…

Anyways have fun playing everyone!

*Referring to builds that abandons Defense over Attack and not to be confused over the affix Glasscannon.

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I got Scout. is that the Pathfinder pet? anyways, I feel like it is doing so well in my build, I want at least 2 more for my other characters. at the moment, I am thinking of making a Farmer and Farmer Hireling in my other character slots to increase my farming capabilities, and just using my first character to climb floors. I’m closer to floor 1k than I was before, and I think I can make it, it’s just mowing through all the monsters to get there.

Pathfinder ftw :blush:

Here’s my current build smacking enemies in floor 703m3.
I don’t know how far this build will take me and I don’t know what to add anymore… :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
Any suggestion I would really apprecaite it.

And btw I’ve been playing DQ for almost 3months and I haven’t found a single ELIXER mythstones…
Where to find it and what it’s effects? Thanks

Go to floor 500, get hurling, get 350% item drops, keep farming packsize map, ???

Profit! Also legend/eternal maps and converting other mythstknes to Elixir.

I guess there’s no other way but the hard way :joy::joy::joy: Thanks @CuzegSpiked

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Hard. No its easy! Even on very easy mode xD.

Farming legends then converting them to dust then buy eternal then convert lastly to crystal is the best strat I had used so far :smiley:
Any faster sir Cuz?

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Thanks for the tip dude :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Been doing it for a long time :grin:

I keep converting dust to eternal supercell then converting to crystals. You get every crystal going

Whats Supercell? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Its a legend item. Iirc , its a rogue legend vial.

Oh I see…
Can I get higher rarity of crystal if I convert Eternal Nadjori for example than a Eternal Pioners Coat?
Or the rarity of crystal is really random whether its Super rare eternal legends or normal Eternal legends…

The rarity of crystal is completely random whether it is eternal nadroji ring or eternal pioneers coat :slight_smile:

That`s good to hear :slight_smile: Thanks