Question for players who can reach floor 2k :)

Hi everyone. I’ve been playing DQ for quite some time and I’m addicted to this game(I know you too cause you’re reading this :grin:).
I’m currently on stage 650m3 now and I’ve been farming crystals to improve my equipments.
I wanted to farm obsidian and I’ve seen players who has like tons of it in their inventories.
My question is - Is there a stage level where Obsidian drops are normal just like peridot and emerald on stage 650?

If Yes… What stage is it?
I really want to farm these crystals and get strong…

Floor 500 is the limit of tier rarity increase where kyanite drops normally and obsidian is as rare as Jasper drops. Although legend maps and eternal maps can help make that obsidian drop easier or just repeatedly farming floor 500 quickly enough. High item drops is key.


Some accounts with these tons of Obsidians in their stashes are long time players that stroll through Hundreds of hours in the dungeon farming for precious gold and Crystals…

So dont get all too jealous of them, I did it once and it just ruins the game for me… :cry:

We cant farm Obsidian normally like how peridot drops like always…

Though there is a way…

Either by converting buttloads of Crystal/Eternal Gears and/or Buying the Jasper Crystal in the Merchant…

Both doesn’t guarantee you an Obisidan but that’s all we have besides praying one to drop in the dungeons…

How strong do you want to be anyway? Does mobs in 650m3 tend to oneshot you or you cant kill them anymore?


I have been playing for over a year, and only in the last 6 months have I been playing seriously. as far as Obsidians go, I think I have only found 4-5 from loot so far, and gotten about 20-30 from converting Crystal/Eternal items to Ultra Rare Crystals. to show you how bad a player I am, I have converted about 10 Obsidians to lower Crystals. I hated to do this, but those Ultra Rare Crystals are hard to get, so I do what I have to do. :sob: x 1 million.

I can relate. I also miss when salvaging obsidian costed no gold but its not a huge deal.

:laughing: I bet someone posted that information, and a Dev read it and said ‘hey, a bug, need to fix that’. but honestly, it isn’t so much the cost of salvaging an Obsidian so much as they are so hard to get, and then the challenge of actually getting the affix you want when you use it. trying to get a Crystal affix that doesn’t exist or Epic bad RNG can make a person go through their Obsidians pretty fast. it drives me nuts, that when I need a certain Ultra Rare Crystal, I’ll have a lot of others, and none of the one I need. :cry: x 1 million.


Found four obsidian in one hour today :innocent:



When completing the crystal feat try to get at least (6)/(7) crystalline. From the crystal explosion, i was able to get 5 obsidian. And take note it was an epic challenge map. What if it was legend or an eternal map??:astonished:. Use eternal and legend maps for crystal feat and see the results.

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I am playin for 1 year and i have 1 pbsidian so far. I am the ultrapenultimate noob of this game haha :upside_down_face:

Thanks guys… Now I’m working on my farm build to max my item drops as what Cuzegs said… But I think my build can still go upto stage 800m3… I’m currently at stage 700m3 now and can still 1 hit mobs except the epic ones that comes from the shrine. Hoping to bump into these super rare obsidians :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

4 Obsidian in 1 hr? Wow… I spend almost 5hrs and haven’t found a single Obsidian today. How hard this obsidian to find… But atleast it keeps me going :grin::grin::grin:

Currently my strat is to convert Eternal and crystal items to crystal and hoping for an Obsidain or Ruby… Getting strong in this game is quite hard than I expected… But thanks to you guys I’ve learned usefull stuffs :grinning::grinning:

Thanks Boss :grinning::grinning:

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I can easily swept stage 650m3 and currently on stage 700m3… My normal crit is around 330m… How far do you think I can go?

That’s really unfortunate of you :joy::joy: Maybe I only have 9-10 obsidian all in all and I’ve used it all already. I need to get strong I wanted to reach floor 1k :grin:

You are doing fine in terms of damage, keep it up and gear up in preparation to hike…

When hiking, take into consideration that damage isnt everything because as any fundamental rules in any game, you cant deal damage if you are dead…


I am around F720 M3, and still climbing. my only real defense is 60 dodge and moving out of the way of attacks, or killing the monsters before they have a chance to notice I am there. the only reason I call it Golems Third Farm Build is because it gives me 750% gold find and luck. as I keep playing, I keep changing my ideas for Golems Ultimate Farming Build, so it is taking longer to build than I thought it would. one good thing about climbing the higher floors (higher than 500), is learning what works and what doesn’t, the hard way, by fighting monsters and winning/losing. these are things I need to know, because I will be replacing 3 Sets with Farming sets, so some of my combat ability will go down. I am considering ways to get around this so I can farm well around floor 1k when I need to.

I’ve actually converted ultra rare legends and got obsidian :laughing:


My hp is only 53… :sob: So I need to dodge and dodge… My set can`t deal to much damage with high survability. So I mainly focus on damage output thats why I get this far. :sweat_smile: