Question for the devs

What are some of the pros, cons & challanges when developing this game for IPhone vs Android.

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Well the most immediate difference is that there’s a very manageable set of devices to support for Apple, where-as Droid has roughly 1000 different devices. Our mistake was being very inclusive with allowed device on Droid, which can occasionally result in our game not working for random X device because of their carrier’s OS update.

A pro for Android is that you can submit a patch and have it go live immediately, which lets us be more responsive to issues. With Apple, you have to wait for their review process. If you happen to catch something half way through that process, you have to fix the issue and re-enter the review queue… just adding more time till players get the patch.

Is one os better for actually creating content over the other? Does one have more limitations?

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Naw, not really. The limitation would be device features and power, and Droid/Apple are very close to each other. You can always set a limit on which devices you support, so you can have an expectation of how players will experience the game.

The limitation comes more from the engine you choose to make your game on. Right now the most popular is Unity, and they have a pretty wide range of support as far as devices/platforms go. The consideration then, is how you get your game to perform well on their engine, and which devices you decide to support with that in mind.

If you were to make dungeon quest 2 would you use the same engine or a different one (like unreal 4)?

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We’d most likely go with Unity. They have some great support/community and have a very active team behind it. They’ve also been keeping up with the latest platforms really well.

How did you came up with the game idea?

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So it seems the iOS vs android is null for devs hmm…

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