[Question] Glasscanon

Hi, I found the only 3 items with glasscanon :

  • Livid’s Wicked Wand
  • Spellbinder
  • Astral Communion

I tried to make a 150% glasscanon (it’s capped at 100% but we can have more, I got actually 106%, it’s “orange” above 100%)
But ! my Hp went negative so on each hit (even with the mana shield on), the monsters one shot me.

Second problem : it seems like if glasscanon’s damages are worthless above 50%, damages become weak and not worth at all…
Maybe because the affixes on these items aren’t that good (especially SpellBinder and Astral Communion)…

Will some new items with Glasscanon (and better affixes) be added? Because at the moment a Glasscanon build isn’t worth at all, that’s sad regarding to the rarity of this affixe and the “bad effect” about Health, not worth at all :smile:

Thanks for finding the negative bug on too much glasscannon :smile:

We can play around with raising the cap on it, and possibly introducing more items with Glasscannon on it.

My pleasure :wink:
I would also try to swap every “dodge” affixe on my items into “HP” to see if I could be above 0 HP, but the affixes are in the first enchanting :frowning:

Hope u’re gonna check that, cause glasscanon isn’t worth on these items, bad affixes and too much HP lost for few dps! ^^

If you build your affixes around one or two of these items then you can be godly, just make sure to have +MP/blood magic and you’re golden. Mp added to HP is not affected by % HP reductions.

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I read somewhere that glasscanon works like that :

10 000 HP + 10 000 damage => Glasscanon 50% => 5 000 HP + 15 000 damage

  1. But how does it works on final dps? If I’ve 3 000 000 DPS, does it add only 5 000 damages ?

  2. If i’m building a full MP build (MP on every items), and a “blood magic” (let’s say we’ve 4 items with 5000MP, 20000 MP + 10 000 basic MP, 30k MP then), does Glasscanon take the MP as damage? or it’s just some HP added to our HP pool?

  1. A lot of the damage effects are multiplicative, so say glasscannon adds 50%, that 1.5X is multiplied by the other effects as well.
  2. It won’t add any additional damage by having more or less HP

Oh! Okay! Thought more HP we had, more dps we get!

It’s actually like “Empower”, giving away some %HP to get %DPS, but the total HP doesn’t matter!

Thanks :wink:

If you have issues with low HP, then stack that ability with Blood Magic… MP is added AFTER HP is reduced.

Example: You have 5000HP; You have 100% glass cannon; You have Empower lv25 (-75%HP but applied before glass cannon, so you still have 0HP not negative) You now have 0HP… You have 15000MP; You equip blood magic; You now have 15000HP. Congrats!

I already tried it and that was kinda fine with HP (but not that requires 2 legends item, coupled to the dreamwalker (need!), it let only 3 items to get affixes with crit dmg/rate, attk speed … and in these 3 items, you’ve the weapon which have his own stats (+dmg %dmg, extra bolt chance, %elementdmg)

I’m thinking about a stuff made of these 3 pieces, but seems hard to do and get the crit rate/dmg, attk spd, maxxed!

Impossible actually… you need max crit dmg/rate/atkspd/(epic affixes) on at least 4 items to cap them. Dreamwalker is fun but not really useful to optimize a build really… if you use it then make sure you use wand/plague armor to capitalize on toxicity. Its practically another proc

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can Ascendent Rod Staff affix “+ Extra Bolt” reach to 3 Extra Bolts? or is it max to 2 bolts?

The max value is 3!
I got a speelbinde with 1 the random affixe : extra bolt 1 and tje weapon +2
1 : 25%
2 : 50%
3 : 75%

Ok thanks!