Question on AR and Resist


I have a question on how AR and Resist works. I read the post by @Midlumer on how to calculate the amount of damage mitigation. My question is, does AR negate a specific type of damage, say physical, and Resist for magical? I don’t think so but I wanted to make sure. From what I can tell, they operate similar to how barbarian and PTL works, they are multiplied so 50% barbarian and 50% PTL is better than just 100% of one of them. Is that true for AR and Resist? Or does AR only mitigate certain damage types and without Resist some types of damage is completely unmitigated?


The only diference between armor and resist is that resist can be specific to one element such fire resist, ice resist, etc. But “armor” and “all resist” affixes have same role: Reducing damage. Damage reduction works by a similar way to the damage: Unique affixes are multiplicative in final damage reduction.

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Thanks that make sense.