Question on ascendant perks

Its my 2nd time to rebirth. If i choose TREASURED for the second time. It will stack? Meaning i will have 600% chance on eternal stones and legend?

you cant choose the same perk twice

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I see thank you for the info

What are the best perks to take first or second?

Dealer: items in bag are sold at 1,000%.
Fortunate: 200% boost to gold picked up and luck.
Accomplished: requirements for completing Feats reduced by 25%. get Hero points faster, and rewards from finishing Feats faster + 5 yard pick up radius.
these 3 are probably the best for the first 3 Perks. up to you which order to get them in.

Enshrined: 1 extra shrine, and the shrines are +300% bonus. if you have 2 of the same shrine, the bonus doesn’t stack.
Hunter: +1-3 extra Epic Guardians at each shrine. good for people who are Ascending for Perks.
Treasured: +300% boost to finding Crystal/Eternal Legends.
these 3 are better for later choices.

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I chose treasured first. Fortunate second. Dealer third. My last ever was accomplished. I use hunter ring to replace its equivalent