Question on efficiency

I’m currently trying to farm gold and crystal gear. My question is is it better to farm level 200on mythic or 300 on normal? I only have 1mil gold and only 1 piece of gear better than red. My luck is at 384 on me and 500 on my hireling. Also I’m running sword/spell shield wizard and I seem to die a lot at 300 . I have 40,000 mana and my orb does 1mil dips. How should I up that? Or is is decent for average gear?

Personally i maxed my gold find and now farm maps at floor 200 on normal difficulty but you should farm at legend difficulty on whatever floor feels easy enough but high enough to get results, that way you max your gold find and luck. Also your damage doesnt matter too much on farming gear but it should definitly be a fun build to use otherwise it makes you not wanna farm and can take away from the experience of the game.
And good luck on finding the affixes youer after, i did release my farming build ‘fetch’ (dont like the name much but oh well) its a fairly cheap build and works for me but it depends on your playstyle, otherwose i recommend looking at cronos’ fortune bringer to help you learn about the ‘laws’ of how gold/luck is affected by hirelings

Farm at floorn180-200 only :slight_smile:

Pretty much. All of the game-changing items drop more often there. Just stack up Luck, Item Drop, and Gold Find, and use the Crystalline, Nadroji, and Eternalized set affixes. Make sure you convert eternal and crystal legends with no use (or foreseeable use) so you can obtain many ultra rare crystals, and look here for a guide on crystals:

Make sure to play on a difficulty where you’re not spending lots of time dying and where you can quickly wipe the map (at a speed comfortable for you). And, if you have a hireling: USE IT. They give an automatic 100% increase to Item Drop.