Question on uploading to dq cloud

last month i tried to upload my account to DQ cloud, my intention was to save my current progress. then after uploading, my gold was gone and my leauge lvl rerolled to 1 and leauge accomplishments. may i ask what happend? coz i want to save my current progress again and i don’t want it to happen again. thanks.

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Ive the same problem but what i lost was the progress in legendex
Pls halp uss!!

that’s sad … that’s why w need an expert advice

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it came up to mind to upload again coz my phone keeps hanging and i would like to change it.

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Same here… , fyi, i havent lost all information in lgendex only the seven deadly sin items
But still… :sob::sob::sob:

contact support

Well if you uploaded to the account and download it a month later any progress you would have made in between would have been reset to the time of the last upload. Also if it was really a month ago there’s been at least 1 patch and battle arena new season reset

I uploaded it after the latest patch sir

And downloaded it 2 days after

yeah, i think we need the developer’s suggestion/answer.

You did not allow the upload to finish all the way so you lost what was not uploaded

You need to see the “upload complete” message to ensure that all of your data was uploaded properly.

Yess definitely waited the “upload complete” i think its a bug tho

I’m sure that i wait to see “UPLOAD COMPLETE” before clicking anything sir @Griffin and sir @tdaniel, to be sure i’ll just spend the gold before uploading.