It makes the caps of stats 5% higher then they nornally are per rank so if something caps at 200% equipping 1 rank will make the cap 210% the set mostly exists too be cool the practical applications are mostly limited to farming :smile:

Damn I just delete that set affix for a earthquake mythic! Tahaha… Buh bye hand of ephipany turned to axe gone wrong hahaha

is there a legendary WD and ED affix???

Yes there are legendary WD% and ED% affixes that can only be obtained through finding them on gear :smile:

The devs are p chill they don’t get angry about stuffs generally they’ll definitely fix any bugs though so please do share :smile:

That is not a bug but an exploit instead and I would request that you refrain from using it or spreading it as many do consider it cheating :smile:

yeah i thought so… kekeke i should delete my posts right???

If you would like too it would be nice too have the parts telling people how too use the exploit removed :+1:

What is it? :sweat_smile:

nothing…kekeke its a grave secret…KUKUKU :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Damn i was late! :smiley: :v:

Tahaha! Instead of discovering cool stuff on dq… you’re gonna lots of lots of bugs


thats why you have to report any bugs you can find so we can help make better DQ… ARASo???

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BTW sir when is the next update on dq?


We will get some sneaky peeks soon (I think). We gotta get it subbed quickly to make sure iOS can make it out in time for all hallows eve.

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Will you add also some new items sir?? like cannons, rifle or Dual Swords??