Anyone who can compute this in pvp caps ??

2Γ—50%push the limit

Is this greater than this
2x50%push the limit

Thanks for answering guys :blush:

5000 ED -> 1080 ED
100% ED -> 24% ED
50% PTL -> 18% PTL

If you do the math correctly, the latter is better.

Which is first i multiply ?? The %ED or %PTL
What is the first the second and the third ??
Based on other
Multiplying the ED% then add the flat ED then multiply by %PTL
=ED%+Flat EDxPTL%
Is this right?? Or this
PTL%xED%+Flat ED ???

I meant 1040 ED.


Read up :smile:

Tnx for advice :laughing:i create some item with descent damage

But how to have 200kHP in arena ?? I only have135k HP having 3Γ—225%Luck(Faunt) 1x75%Hp and 5x10000HP with PLAUGED VAMPIRIC AND BATTLE MAGE :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

1.08m EHP in arena.

HIGH HP With no dmg ?? 200k HP with descent dmg in pvp is enough for me but i dont kmow how to do that even im putting 10k HP each on my gear it is not enough to reach 200k HP :blush:

wahhhh THis is why i hate math… :cry: