Sometimes when there are so many mobs the game goes really slow and sometimes even freezes… How can I stop this?

Maybe turn the FX down in setting’s? Or turn graphic’s down if that is possible

Is this worth keeping?

Worth to convert :laughing: 98% barbarian cant cast all your spell

Alrdy lowest :confused:
Does anyone have this problem?

I also have this problem when there is a lot of enemies. It helps to turn enemies hp bars off in the settings. Or try to kill enemies when you see them. I used to run around and try to get as much enemies as I could and then kill them all at once, but it is not a good strategy, because it is often very laggy.

Exactly this^^^
Maybe turning dmg numbers off would help, but I like those ;p

You can have only crit numbers, so you see how much dmg you do, but not so often.

That is absolutely worth keeping :smile:

Converted it already :joy:

Has there been any build using mana shield as the damage source together with Ice burn, I’ve been searching the forums but hasn’t find anything. Or is it not that viable for 1000+ floors?

@Griffin012 has one but for pvp :wink: