How do you get the (5) on gear? For example the chest having a green stats that says "(5) plagued), or a ring saying (5) equality?

These would help so much in boosting dps/def, but I have no idea how to do this.
Currently I am on mythic 1 floor 340 and I am going through it not too bad. Currently using a Druidic(2), plagued(1), and terrashaper(2). Earth shatter/poison cloud build.

The way most do this is by getting 2 ranks of the +2 sets affix this affix may be obtained through drops on the nadroji ring/necklace and the frightening choker necklace as well as it may be put on gear by slotting an elixer mythstone onto rings and necklaces :smile:

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What levels do nadroji usually drop on?

floor 100+ from epic tier and above enemies :smile:

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