Hola perdon por no traducir , bueno mi pregunta es si alguien me puede explicar de que sirve y como actua la opcion Berserker de paso que opcion mitica me serviria mas con el hacha la verdad tengo pensado cambiar mis armas que son mazo y hacha de segunda mano con defiant y mi daño actual es wirlwind es de 100.5 millones y de toss 34.7 millones pero quiero cambiarlas a el hacha brrserker y un escudo rage al escudo quiero ponerle enigma asi poder acercarme y al hacha terremoto

Hello sorry for not translating, well my question is if someone can explain to me what it is and how the Berserker option acts so that my choice would serve me more with the ax the truth I have thought to change my weapons that are mallet and ax secondhand With defiant and my current damage is wirlwind is 100.5 million and toss 34.7 million but I want to change them to the brrserker ax and a shield rage to the shield I want to put enigma so to be able to approach me and the ax earthquake

Berserker effect is chance to stun enemies equal to attack speed on gear. If you have 60% attack speed, 60% stun chance. If you have 24% attack speed, 24% stun chance. The attack speed has to be on gear like from the crystal affix, epic affixes and/or nature called haste. The second part is each time you stun enemy, restore 0.2% hp per rank. It does have it’s uses with high attack speed build.

@CuzegSpiked somewhat off topic, stun is different from paralyzed right?

No Paralyzes stun and Stuns also stun. They are the same.

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Do stunned enemies get the Shock crit damage bonus?

Shock effects. Yes.

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Shocked enemies get the stack debuff. Stunned enemies of any form get effected by high voltage . It’s why some old builds used to not have elemental crit but had high voltage like redrum warrior. Stagger, bewilder and fustigate could cause stun which worked with high voltage as well as shock stun. Still does to this day.

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