1, why can’t pistol hit in close range shot
2, cheaters are every where in arena
3, it is OK to use speed hack on grinding

  1. bug
  2. is this a question
  3. why any hack would be allowed

lol, since 2.5 pistol can’t shot close range

pistol with storm works well on pvp :slight_smile: camper guide

Death i mean ban to all hackers!!! Flay i mean flag them all!

there are enough attack and movement speed affixes/buffs that you don’t need to use a hack while grinding (farming?). if the Dev’s wanted us to use hacks in the game, they would have given the players codes they could use in PVE to make us god’s of the map’s. but then think of how much harder the game would be to keep it challenging for anyone who used the codes to become god’s of the map’s. defeats the purpose of the game being fun for everyone.

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Aka its not a sandbox either. Would be fun for a little while to make weird maps though for challenge and other nifty things changing the way the maps work and other things to see the results but then again we already have games that do that existing. On mobile , i imagine it won’t be as easy to do compared to other platforms. Mods in most games are cool when done right and not for ruining others fun or making too easy.
At least with GL Tools android app, I can use that to optimise/mess with the graphics and try play in that way as a challenge or easier to play (it does require root but it is a way to try and make the game somewhat more playable on lower end phones and just for fun messing up how the game looks in graphics its not supposed to look like, dq in 240p lol.