Does push the limit 100 percent and glass cannon 100 percent work together like will they both work if they are attached I plan on doing a dps build with both of them plus epiphany bonus and momentum will this all work lol I hope so

with Glasscannon 100%, don’t use Masochism or Blood Magic. Defiant will still give you +25% DMG & DMG Reduction, but no extra DMG from lowered HP, since your HP will be at 1.

with Push the Limit 100%, you just have to make sure you have enough Resource & Resource Replacement to cast your Spells.

Glasscannon & PtL do work together. Momentum just need some Move Speed added, from either Dexterity Skill, Affixes, Mythics, or Spells. the Clearcast you need for Epiphany Bonus will help with Resource by casting some spells for free.

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you got kill by your self with 100 percent glass canon with masochism

Masochism wouldn’t work with 1 HP. 1 HP can’t go down to 0.5 HP. so you would need at least 2 HP for it to work. but with that low HP, unless you had good Block, Dodge, & Sanctuary, you would die a lot in many different ways.

the reason Masochism & Blood Magic wouldn’t work with 100% Glasscannon, Masochism requires your HP to go lower than 75% to get the DMG bonus from the Set. since 1 HP keeps your Health at 100%, you can’t use masochism. with Blood Magic, you get a bonus to DMG based on the % of HP missing. since you are dead if you go under 1 HP, Blood Magic is doubling your Resource Costs and you never get a DMG bonus.

Blood Magic & 100% Push the Limit can work together, but you are basically Quadrupling your Resource Costs.

when I made a Blood Magic, Masochism, Defiant, 100% Push the Limit Build, I had a difficult Build. I had a lot of Health because of BM, but Masochism kept my HP at 50% most of the time. and BM & PtL increased the cost of my Spells by 4. my Specials were costing around 11k mana to cast! so I went down to 50% PtL and changed my Natures to Wisdom to lower Resource Costs. I ended up getting rid of the second PtL and realized that I really needed to rethink my Build to make this all work the right way.