At what floor do monsters completely become immune to any and all elements if anyone knows. Basically where you have to use your weapons base dmg and skills that dont require elemental dmg . I’m guessing it would have to be pretty high up. Unless it works off a percentage rate system in which a monster could become slowly immune . Even then does it eventually become invincible to elements even with weaken cap or ignore resist cap

Immune to Element (Fire, Ice, Shock, Poison, Arcane) is on the Enemy Affix List in the Codex > Dictionary. a monster would need all 5 Immune Affixes to be Immune to all DMG.

Effective Mythic is affected by the Element Resistance & Immune to Element of monsters.
Ignore Resist ignores all of a monsters resists & immunes. doesn’t have a Cap, you only need one on your Gears to Ignore all of a monsters Resistances.
Weaken is added to the monsters resistance or immunity when figuring DMG.

this Guide explains how those 3 work.

lets say your Weapon does 1000 DMG. if the Weapon is Fire Element, it is doing 1000 Fire Weapon DMG.

if you are fighting a monster Immune to Fire, your Fire Weapon is doing 0 Fire Weapon DMG instead of 1000 Fire Weapon DMG.

with Ignore Resist, you would do 1000 Fire Weapon DMG against a monster with Immune to Fire.

with Weaken +200%, you would do 2000 Fire Weapon DMG against a monster with Immune to Fire.

basically, you don’t need to worry about monsters taking zero DMG from you on higher floors unless you don’t have Ignore Resist or Weaken when they are Immune to any or all Elements you are using.

it is possible to get to a high enough floor on a Heal Map that monsters Heal more DMG per second than you can inflict on them in a second.

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you can see it on map before you open it

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and you can change it with Larimar. the farm build I am using on 505 M3 crushes everything up to Mythic Monsters even on Heal Maps. so a Heal Map is a good way to test a Build, even on higher floors. that is, until you get so high you can’t beat the Heal.

I should have been more informative in my question I already knew everything u guys have said but what I was asking is are there high enough floors to completely immunize elemental dmg to zero and I think u answered it golem.

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