Im a newbie here im lvl 99 warrior following the theorycraft, but I saw how strong the aftermath is and Im planning to change to wizard, I already unlocked all of the 4 sets but I have a question:
If i ascended, picked out the fortunate perk, and change to wizard… Will the perk disappear?
Please I need an answer ASAP. Thank you!

No, you’ll lose the perk and be reset to level 1

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I should stay with the warrior huh :C…need to buy slots.

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when I was a Noob, I kept switching my Classes with my one Character Slot… for months!!! I couldn’t really decide between Rogue & Wizard. but I finally ended up getting extra Slots. even when I had gotten a few Perks. I lost a lot of progress switching Classes, but gained lots of experience and knowledge of DQ.