Does block crystal affixe can only be in offhand?

i believe it can be equip everywhere

It only can be rolled on offhand.
But some other equipment has block affix originally

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If i buy legend items with block affixe using dust what should i equip on my char for high cyan crystal affixe chances? Cristaline or ethernal? Thanks bdw

Use crystalline (5)or higher when you buy. It will give you better chance to have crystal block affix.
Eternal is used for higher eternal items ( green name items).

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Warrior is the only Class that has Items with Block affix. most of them are OH Items, 1-3 MH Items, and 1 each Chest, Head, & Ring. OH Weapons are the only Item that Block can be rolled on with any Crystal, and Pets never have Block, which is very sad.

if you’re going to try for a Crystal Block using Dust, you may as well have both Crystalline Items on your Character when doing so, with +4 All Sets to get Crystalline (6) for the maximum boost. the Treasured Perk also gives another 300% to increase chances for Crystalline & Eternal Items.