Just want to clear this up. Push the limit increases resource cost so would barbarian make it equal since it costs resource cost? 50% barbarian and 50% push the limit will not change your resource cost? Thanks

50% barbarian will lower your total resource by 50%.
50% push the limit increases the cost of each skill used by 50%.

Skills have raw cost value in mana.

50% push the limit

  • skill cost x (1 + %push the limit) = total skill cost
    50% barbarian
  • current resource or mana x (1 - %barbarian) = total resource or mana

correct me if im wroong

Skill cost is increased by 50% if you use push the limit. Say a skill uses 1000 mana to cast, with push the limit, it now costs 1500 mana to cast. This effects any resource system from equivalence, discordance, bloodmagic, energy, fury and mana.

Barbarian 50% just acts like glasscannon but to mana and other resource systems. With bloodmagic, it halves hp, with equivalence, it halves mp but doesn’t effect hp if you already easily got such high hp anyways, it doesn’t really effect energy but if you use 100% barbarian, energy is impossible to use and so is fury. Mana just gets halved by 50%. Skill cost stays the same though unless push the limit. If I had 6000 mana, with 50% barbarian, it halves to 3000.

Yes you’re correct.