Questions about changes in the arena main character

So, i have a question about the main character you use in the arena, when you go back to PvE and change your equipment, what happens exactly with your character that battles for you when you’re gone? If it’s also the character you use for PvE does every time your progress on floors is saved, the equipment for your arena defender update as well? Or it updates only if you open the arena option on the main screen? If so, you have to engage in at least one battle for it to update, or the set is changed just by opening the arena section and idk, just to see your rank and boom, changes your set?

Another question is how you can control, based in those mechanics, which hero do you leave for defending your place when you leave? You have to do at least one last match before leaving with the desired hero, or just by changing the hero on the hero on the arena hero select screen does the job? Cause when i change the hero i’m playing for PvE, when i open the arena again is the same hero that i was playing that is selected…

And to cut by the root, if somehow you can, let’s say ‘setup’ a hero to defend you, what happens if you lose sell or change the equipment he’s wearing in PvE mode, how that turns out?

Thanks guys, this is my first post here, i’m used to read a lot on the forum, thank you all for all the activity and support, sharing and dedicating your time, since I’ve discovered the wonders of the forum on database sets and lots of other things my enjoyment of the game’s experience changed in the best of the ways, Thanks!

the last thing you do at arena will be the character save on it pvp and pve was not affecting each other

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Thanks @Eater!

welcome @silnaloc enjoy the game :slight_smile: