Questions about damage output

hi devs,

thanks for this section which is dedicated to support. i would like to get some clear answers about my questions and i think this is the best section to post it, since it would need the correct data for me to solve it.

  1. how does damage calculation work on the new version of dq?
  2. how does elemental damage affect sets such as plagued+druidic, frozen+permafrost, and likes?
  3. is there a table of internal cooldown?
  4. how is reduced cd calculated? i have 60% reduced cd but my stealth during is almost as long as the cooldown, which shouldn’t be because i have 40 stealth.
  5. barbarian and push the limit, they seem to work the same, however i saw a cap on barbarian, does having 100% barbarian caps or blocks the +dmg of push the limit?

that’s it for now. i just don’t want to waste my ed% set, reason why i am asking this, because i invested a ton of playing hours just to complete it and having it put to waste because of putting a wrong affix wouldn’t be sensible, and ignorance is no excuse as well.

Moving this to the right topic category = )


thanks fookee

Alot of answers can be found here:

Stealth has an internal CD of four seconds. If you want “permanent” stealth, get down to that base CD, then focus on stealth duration.

I’m not sure on your last question, but I can tell you that Barbarian is currently not functioning as it is intended to and will be repaired in the future, surely.


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saw the post by ilidan, but while i was calculating i got wrong results. probably i misunderstood the formula. i’ll post the formula here later need to dig in to my tablet.

for stealth, i understand it’s concept of having a 4 sec internal cooldown, and goal is to make it reach 400% so that it lasts as long as it coold down internally. my question was about reduced cd, since it’s obvious that you cannot unli stealth unless you have 50% or more reduce cd, since stealth’s cooldown seems to be longer on the new patch. my question is i have max reduced cd (75% with epiphany), and the case should be my stealth skill should be already cooled down before it vanishes, but on my case it isn’t. my stealth vanishes before it cools down.

my question about barbarian and push the limit is like do they stack or do they counter each other.


btw my question was not for dps alone. it was for damage. i have completed a 600 elemental damage % set, and was planning a new build and how to maximize it. i have a eternal weapon with 200% weapon damage and 90% barbarian therefore i was looking on whether to go that route or stick with the ED% weapon.

If done right, that can all be found in the DPS thread by @ilidan371.

No one knows if Barbarian and Push The Limit function together as it is broken.

Stealth’s quickest cooldown time, under all circumstances, will be 4 seconds.

thanks skaul. probably i’ll go trolling on ilidan’s thread then. just wondering how can i hit 9999999999999999+ bil (zillion) damage with my ed%.