Questions about glasscannon, dodge, regen build

I was curious about building a glasscannon wizard. I’m curious how high the glasscannon cap is and also what’s the max dodge % I can have.

Dodge cap is 60% and glasscannon cap is 100% :wink:

Too bad lol. Thanks!

Technically glass cannon caps at 99.9999% because at 100% you’re left with 1 hp.

You are left with 1 hp but stll get 100% gmd increase.

i think you can do 100% glasscanon + 50% addtional dmg from wizard talent empower works like GC im pretty sure they work together(correct me if im wrong)

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NOT. you will need more damage than hp on higher floors

Hmmmm. So you think glasscannon might make a good affix? How bout compared to 5,000 elemental damage? Which would be better? Wizard of course

5000 ED is great dmg boost combine w/ 100%ED on the other hand glasscannon outshines other dmg boost …it greatly boost your dmg but reducing your survival (as they said u dont need hp in higher floor)

just combine glasscanon,ED,%ED, empower talent, and other dmg boost to achieve significant boost in dmg… u need some elemcritdmg too and some elemcrit

btw u can inc the cap of dodge to 75% by using ephipany affix inc all stat cap by 5% per rank

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Sounds powerful! Doesn’t leave much room for gold/luck/item drop.

Does anyone worry about that? Or does the hireling do enough?

@Pharaoh make 2 build …one is for farming like max gold find luck and eternalize crystaline affix use it to farm on lower floors like specially floor 200.

then make 1 build for climbing up floor and can easily clear maps of higher floor use this if u want to farm rare legends that drop on certain upper floors …this build i rely on my ascend perks to get good drop (fortunate and treasured perk)

or u can build a dmg hireling then max GF/luck ln ur main


Max GF and Luck on a single and farm together with a hireling just like Fortune Bringer?
Just for reference, would you be able to do some screen shots please?
According to my read ups, advice from some senior bris, etc…
Conclusion: Fortune Bringer build is not working properly.

@leaf my cp still got problem on uploading pics. just get the important farming affixes such as eternalize, nadjori, crystaline, mythical (optional), then max GF and Luck and also max item drop % i use this build to farm in 200floor m1. farming epic enimies for mythic enemies to spwn (i got like 5-7 mythic enemies/ day) if i go m3 nothing will change cuz i already max GF and Luck already in M1 which is much easier too
and the other affix u can use it to bemore tanky like the fortune bringer … or put some dmg boost affix to clear mobs faster… if ur still lacking in GF and Luck use nature greed (25%GF) , nature luck(25%luck) note that ur GF and LUCK inc also base on the difficulty lvl … some other player max der GF and LUCK, drop rate even entering easy mode … depends really on what u prefer.

also take note GF and luck from a hireling will not work and wont affect ur game … so u need to use this build on ur main.

btw what d u mean by fortune bringer build not working?

I don’t think that’s the best farming advice. I’ve noticed the most important items are gold and crystals. I’ve also noticed that whether I’m on easy floor 600 or mythic 1 floor 196, the gold drop isn’t that much different. What changes is my overall stats. I’m about 150 GF on easy and 400-450 on mythic 3.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the higher the floor the higher the crystal level that drops, even when playing on easy. So in the 500 floors I’m getting mostly emerald to topaz drops, with a few higher. I also get eternal legend and other higher items that I can convert into rarer crystals.

It does take longer to clear a floor because the enemies are harder to kill, so gold find isn’t as productive plus my stats on easy aren’t good. For That I go to mythic 3 196-197 (200 has dropping enemies which take too long to kill). And I farm gold here to upgrade crystals.

Now, about the stats question. As far as I can tell I personally don’t have any gear with gf or luck, I do max out the luck skill at 20. My hireling has maxed skill and also gear. The pics show stats for easy and mythic

Upload not working right now so here’s some links

You need to upload your picture again. It’s not here because it still says “uploading…”

Ok should be fixes

@Pharaoh hmm the things is you need to max GF and luck and drop rate % if u want to feel it. and u need to unlock treasured perk(300% eternal/crystal find) fortunate perk(200%GF and luck beyond cap) dealer perk for faster gold …

and u were right the best floor to farm crystals are floor 500+ cuz every 100 floor the drop rate of certain crystals inc … max floor affected by this is 500…

ex: so u get more crystals from floor 200 compare to floor 100

well in my case i get lots of obsidian, amethys and etc from floor 200 alone. cuz i convert all legends, eternal, crystal items i get. and sometimes they just drop on the floor from mobs but it is indeed rarely this is my way of farming crystals by farming legend eternal and crystal items then convert them . its quite pricey but once u get dealer perk u will earn unimaginable gold differene compare b4 haha.

I want perks! How do I get them??? (I’m still new)

Oh!!! From Ascension in the shop??

@Pharaoh ya once u reach lvl 99 u can ascend and get perma buff boost base on what u choose i suggest u choose dealer first if u like having tons of fold or treasured perk if u want eternal items.

once u ascend u will return to lvl 1 and the xperience needed to lvl up wil get bigger the more u ascend. but all ur previous floor will be open …i give u tips when ur lvl 1 go to floor 101 den wear ice mh wep then kill mobs der will take long at lvl 1 but xp will be very big then add quest mythstone to ur gears for lvling

Try to check my hireling build. You might get an idea on what you like on your build