Questions about legend affix "+2 Set Numbers +" and the Elixer mythstone on jewelries

  • Do they stack on one item ?

  • Can i get +4 set number from just one item ?

  • Can i reach a total of +8 to all set from this legendary affixes and socketed Elixers on the jewelries or is it capped ?

  1. Yes but the way to do it is by having an item that already has legend 2+ all sets and add 2+ all sets from Elixir Mythstone.

  2. Yes . One way is an eternal item with 4+ all sets and the other way is what I mentioned above :^^)

  3. The cap of all sets is 4+ All sets. Anymore won’t count.


If u want ur Set rank more than 5, u must equip more item(s) with that Set affix :slight_smile: