Questions about serenity,equivalence and mana shield

Was just wondering if I was using athereal+serenity, will I get 5% mana on crit?
And also is equivalence+mana shield a good idea? If no then what would be a good resource mythic to go with mana shield?
Thanks in advance

@ksyc equivalence is quite good for manashield build along with permafrost affix(convert %dmg to restore mp). It is good cuz of the dmg reduct it offer and if u got high hp u can easily inc ur mp pool with it. Though on the other hand if u go pump ur mp alone w/ with set affixes.that.boost mp. U will just lose half ur mp w/ equivalence mythic. So it depends on how u built it. (Though in high floor even w/ manashield and dmgreduct still not enough to survive mobs)

@roykiyoy thanks for the reply, I was planning to use those for the arena actually since I don’t plan to climb floors… About the serenity+aethereal,is it better than harmony+regen? I do have crystal mp on hit affix in my set too

Serentity activates on Crit while Aether Drain activates on Ele Crit. They are 2 different mechanics.

Harmony works with any form of healing/restoration.

Manashield bypasses all affixes including MP absorb so it is bad with Permafrost.

@Clogon ithought it works with permafrost lol

@Ksyc my bad as.clogon said permafrost wont work with manashield. If u wna pvp w/ manashield as survival. then just pump ur mp pool as much as u can. also good combined with some mp regen or mp on hit affix

@clogon so does it mean that all damage reducing affixes will not affect mana shield including defiant/pathfinder/deadly arts? And about permafrost you gain mana everytime you get damaged isn’t it?
@roykiyoy I’m planning to use aethereal so I guess I’ll just stack lots of mp on hit

What makes you think DMG reduction has any effect? Manashield blocks all damage. <.< You literally take no damage while the shield is up.

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@clogon yes true but what I mean is will all the damages be reduced before it’s applied to the mana shield since it states that all affixes will not be applied to mana shield…with mana shield up mp is basically my hp

Like the description says, affixes have no effect. And no, it is not “basically [your] HP”. Again, you are not taking damage.

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