Questions about the high epic affixes

cant understand the guides how to get hgh epic affixes… can someone help me…

noob here sorry… tnx :smiley:

first of all, get as much + luck on gear as you can.
after that, you just have to reroll and after a certain time you are going to roll an EPIC AFFIX instead of a yellow one. It’s all about luck and trying.
Save a lot of money, get the piece of equipment you want to enchant, and safe your account data on the server, BEFORE you try to attempt to reroll. Then enchant that armor piece/weapon etc. and always save your enchant progress on the server, when you are satisfied with your rolls and don’t want to lose it. If you wasted all of your money and don’t get anything good/enchants do all fail, then just DOWNLOAD your data again from the server, in which you have (all your gold and) that armor/weapon etc again.

The same thing with disenchanting.

IMPORTANT: always save your data on the server when you make a progress you are satisfied with, so you don’t lose it and can upload it, if something bad happens while enchanting that equipment piece.

First get the item u want and disenchant it, upload ur data to keep it safe

And now u can start enchant/disenchant till get the desired affix

If u succes, upload ur data, if u fail many times or lose an affix that u wanted, then download ur data to start again…

When u get all the affix u want, do the same with reroll

I hope explained it well xD

Can you stop doing everytimes 2 or 3 times the same topics? please?