Questions about wizard and multi attack

I’m new to this game and trying to wrap my head around the gear and how it’s helps my overall damage and speed.

I’m playing a wizzard and my first few questions are

  1. Does multi attack work with wizzard attacks?
  2. Does multi attack apply to castes minions such as skulls holed and skulldraga?
  3. Does a +2 all talents amulet boost multi attack by two?
  4. If multi attack is +2 does that mean there will be 2 additional attacks at 50% dmg each for a total of 3 attacks?

Thanks for the help!

  1. Multi attack works with all classes skills, but not with every skill. It works mainly with primary skills.
  2. No it doesn’t apply to summons I think, but I’m not sure.
  3. No, it boosts your talent like Empower, Magnify, Astral etc.
  4. Yes

It only works with MH skills like Pierce, Comet, Blast and Barrage unless you are using Discordance.

Thanks! Too bad…

In that case my questions are,

  1. What’s the best element for wizard
  2. What skills are best for pvm gear hunting?
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  1. Every element goes well with the Wizard because it’s potentials and abilities are merely focused on ELEMENTAL (as for me the best is ICE)
  2. Depends on your build. On what are you focusing to or what you are into (like building a Reactor focuses mainly on ORB skill, Aftermath on METEOR, etc.)

Hope this one helps. You’re welcome by the way.

  1. Simply put, on gear focus on 1 element, and get the talent “prismatic”. There’s reason to do otherwise but for now and until you understand better by reading build guides, try that out. Personally I prefer cold bc it slows and freezes enemies.
  2. Farming is done easily using the orb skill, Reactor set affix and magnify talent. Increasing pick up radius a bit saves some running around. For best set up once you have some obsidian and decent gear, follow the advice of the many farming builds in the guide section of this forum.

Thanks for the help!

Any links to a good build? Also am I looking for any old gear or are there specific items?

For example I’m Diablo 2 LOD there were unique items and set items that everyone could find. Then rare and magic that were random stat rolls.

Are there certain names of items or something that I’m looking for? Or just find any old items with prismatic on it?

Also, skull shield still good choice?

Theres a lot to grasp in this game, and nobody will be able to better explain it in one reply until you play the game to understand their explanations. For example, Prismatic is a wizard talent. You can find legendary affixes +x prismatic, but it’s a talent which is found on a specific item type for wizard which will change your element type on attack to another randomly (thus defeating a specific immunity/resistance). Another way to do this is the affixes Weaken or Ignore Resist. As you can see, answering your open ended questions is not a simple thing. Try reading these guides I’ve attached below. Search the forums, the answers are here 95% of the time, and others are more inclined to answer more specific questions if you show you have tried to find an answer first :wink:

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I want to edit this post to include my guide… :pensive:

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Thanks! New game and new forum lots of learning. I’ll take a look at the posts. Your brief explanation helped me further wrap my head around it. I need to start getting my crystals going so I can tweak my gear. Long but fun journey!

Only thing I wish is that it was multi player and had a chat. Other than that it’s a great game.

Yeah, skauls-hierarchy-of-tips-and-tricks-shtt has a good guide too, I just didn’t want to give a new player SHTT right off the bat ;D
Give him a chance to learn first lol

Why i always do pvp 1v1 and it says no match found but ihave a internet?

No clue, submit a support ticket.