Questions from a newbie

I just started the games just a few days. I found items with buccaneer, bloodmagic when equipped theres (1) besides it. Is there a way to get this to 2 or to 5?

Yes, you can. Those are “set affixes”. If you have 2 Blood Magic items on it’ll turn into Blood Magic (2).
You can also find Nadroji ring/pendant which has “+ 2 All Set” affix.

I see thats how to get + on set thank you for the info. Wish meluck on hunting nandrogi haha

In case you don’t know, they’re quite rare and drop from floor 100+. Happy hunting :smile:

Lucky… just got 101th floor now. Does epic items do have this such as buccaneer and others…

No specific monster, they are all random drops…

But do epic items have green attributes like buccaneer, bloodmagic or only legendary and above items have this attributes. Im using imp now as pet and converting epic items to legendary. Do yiu think its good for hunting legendaries?

Epic Items “naturally” don’t have green Affixes. Only Legend(+) Items have it. But if you apply an Amethyst on an Epic Item, Epic ones can have Green Affixes on them too.

Ok thanks. Seems i need to be patient to farm them. Do you have tips on hunting legendaries?

Luck will come in handy for Legend hunting.

Wow thanks men. Got another bloodmagic ring again. Seems luck really affects drops. Thanks again :v: