Questions on crafting mythic gear


Just started playing 5 days ago and have a lvl 95 rogue, now I’m trying to figure out how to craft mythics… does it take specific legendarys? Or does it matter? If so what legendarys do I need to save? I just don’t want to spend all my resources and mess up… any info will help I’m just a 5 day old noob lol


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Im in the same boat been playing for a few days and dont understand how they are turning one thing into purple items and crystal items…like the process is confusing…there are youtube videos but there is no explaining just some changing stuff with no explaination…



Crystal Items: about 20 affixes can become Crystal affixes, they will show up as Cyan, or light blue. there can only be one Crystal affix on each item, but not the Pet. you can find items with a Crystal affix, or use the Obsidian Crystal to put a Crystal affix on an item. these items will have a Cyan, or light blue, border.

Mythic Items: these items have a Purple border, and have a Mythic affix. items can only have 1 Mythic affix, but not the Pet. the affix looks like this < Arc > and is also Purple. you can’t find these items. an item needs 4 Socket affixes. if you look in the Codex, under Mythic’s, you will see each Mythic has a recipe of 4 Myth Stones to make each Mythic Affix. it doesn’t matter what order you place the stones in the sockets, as long as they are the stones needed to make the affix. when you put in the last stone, all four stones you placed on the item disappear and are changed into one Mythic affix, and the item turns Purple.

some items might have both a Crystal Affix and a Mythic affix. in that case, the item will have a Purple border.


^ Some excellent advice! Thanks Golem.


When making mythic items get a good legend with a rare and unusual affix that cannot be obtained from crafting. Level it up to 100. Remove 4 undesirable affixes. Add 4 sockets then put in mythic word. Afterwards add a chrystall affix then whatever you want after that.


when I was making an all Myth Stone Build for my Ascending Hireling, I made some discoveries. one is that if you have 6 sockets on an item, and you use 4 to make a Mythic affix, they use up 4 sockets to make the Mythic affix, and a fifth one goes away because the Mythic appears in a space that wasn’t one of the sockets used to make it. lost 2 Crystals/Sockets discovering this. two is that when I was going all Myth Stones, if you don’t know what the recipe is to make a Mythic Affix on an item, there is a chance you might accidentally make a Mythic Affix that you don’t want. I did that two times also, and they were Mythic’s that I didn’t want, so I converted them.
what I ended up doing is putting the Mythic I wanted on the items first, then put the other Myth Stones after. I did a test and found out it doesn’t matter what order you put the MS when making a Mythic Item, as long as they are the Stones needed for the Mythic.


You don’t have to use crystalline affixes which is cheaper in item recrafting costs when having to disregard bad items with unremarkable Crystal affixes. You could add a good legend affix instead


when I was Ascending, it was base Legend Items. then it was changing Epic and Legend affixes to ones that I needed to do better, then a few Myth Stones. later I added a few Mythic Affixes. then when I had an Obsidian, I got my first Crystal Affix. that was after I got Perk 4 on the way to getting Perk 5. each step is a learning process. each change I made changed my build in little ways, and I had to keep making changes as I went along, because some changes didn’t work as well as I would have liked, and others did great, but needed more changes to do really great. I went from 6 Legend items from the Codex to 6 items and a Pet that got me 6 Perks and a lot of experience in Crafting my Gears. @dickwad my first 6 Obsidians were usable in my Ascending Build, so that was great. reading the Forum about players not getting the affix they wanted worried me. but in later builds, I started getting affixes I couldn’t use, so I know how it feels to lose an Obsidian that way. :sob: I have seen a few builds without Crystal affixes, and they are really good, but haven’t gotten that good yet, so I guess I still have a lot to learn. :mortar_board: :school:


@Golem it’s just luck with crystalline affix unfortunately


@Golem the first few eternal fabled weapons I crafted where really good. Then my options got worser and worser


bwahahahaha!!! :clown_face: I am still working on making good builds. when I get better, I can start looking at the Eternal Items for my Builds. like I said in another Thread, Legend items make a build, Eternal items are built around. something like that.