Questions on Thorns

Does everyone else get their asses kicked by Thorn blessed monsters? What are your tactics on killing them? Interested to hear.

You can overcome thorns by keeping your distance and minimizing the number of strikes it takes to kill them, each blow reduces your HP by 25% but will never kill you, so your best bet is to kite them, and then use HP leech+ high DPS. Usually you end up with 1 HP left after killing them, so that’s why leech is vital, as is keeping your distance (you have to make sure that you do not get hit at all or you die) Warriors should make use of the assault talent here, and torrent helps as well.

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I changed that to 12.5% per hit with the latest patch, hopefully will make it a little easier :smile:

Why does thorns go threw my Mana shield and hit my health directly?

I don’t know, but that’s probably good, since thorns can’t kill you! Otherwise it will drain all your mana and all your health super fast!

Because the damage is more than the mana shield can take and then your hp will be next! This will always happen no matter how much mana you have. Thorns just does percentage dmg so even a million hp person will be victim. The best way to overcome thorns IMO is stealth proc or stealth skill, fast dps, ignore resist to help, high Armour , hp on hit if crowd of enemies near it, harmony mythic and enegy mythic relation. I haven’t felt the effect of thorns in virtually forever lol! I can’t even remember the last time where thorns got me to 1 hp. Its all thanks to intelligence skil at 20 as well with the 10k AR and hp boosts.

Mana is up, and rarely drains to 0.
Is there any counter to negate Thorns, like Immunity to Thorn affix?

sorry Cuzeg, most of your post I don’t even get.
Stealth and Proc Stealth skill, I play a Mage, can I get Stealth.
Harmony Mythic Enegy Mythic are what now?
I do have Intelligence at level 20, yay.

Steakth or stealth proc is very optional and yes mana does run out if mana shield gets affected by thorns. I did get affected by this before. Best way to overcome thorns can be what I said or fast enemy killing. Thorns ain’t a big deal to me anyways. It not as good as it used to be. I think AR protects you from thorns a little bit. Stealth proc can be gotten from ruby and stealth smill can be got from amber being used on OH weapon several times.

Best way to defeat thorns is with concentrated, high power attacks. Quick attacks will kill you.