Questions that I need answers for thank you

Question 1 : I need a lance that will provide 200 percent weapon dmg and 100 percent of any elemental damage like ice or fire or shock. Question 2: if an afix says adds percent to elemental damage like inferno will it work with any elemental damage like ice. Question 3 : does frostbiting have a cap and if not what is the recommended percentage because there are other options I would like to replace with it. Question 4 : if you already have an item with +2 to sets and you socket it with a +2 set will it make 4 to sets. Can you have three different items with +2 sets will it make my sets go to 6 to 8 ect.

Question 1: there are no Weapons with +200% WD and +100% ED. just so you know, a Build with +100% WD on one Weapon and +600% ED does less DMG than a Build with +200% WD on one Weapon and +500% ED.

Question 2: Inferno only works with Fire Weapons, and Permafrost only works with Ice Weapons. if you have Inferno with a Fire Weapon and have Prismatic, the attacks that are changed to other Elements still get the ED boost from Inferno. if you are using Inferno with an Ice Weapon and are using Prismatic, any attack changed to Fire doesn’t get the ED boost from Inferno, since it only works with Fire Weapons.

Question 3: Elemental Crit DMG doesn’t have a Cap. so it is possible to have Frostbiting +1200% from 6 Eternal Items. as for how much is best, it would depend on the build and what you are using it for. a Farm Build for farming floor 500ish probably only needs +200% to +300%. for Climbing very high floors, +400% to +600%.

Question 4: it doesn’t matter where the +All Sets comes from, 2 Affixes, 2 Myth Stones, or one of each, +4 All Sets is the max. you can put a +2 All Sets MS on an item with +2 All Sets already on it. you would still need 4 items with the same Set affix and +4 All Sets to get Set Affix (8). for affixes that can be rolled with Crystals, if you have a MS on an item and try to roll the same affix with a Crystal, it wont be rolled on that item. so if you have a Deadly Strike MS on your Chest, you wouldn’t be able to roll Normal, Epic, or Crystal Deadly Strike. if you roll the Deadly Strike first, you can then put the Deadly Strike MS on the same item.

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