Hello this should be my last questions topic, sorry for making multiple of them. Now I am at floor 200 and I have some questions:

  1. What are good affixes to look for on gear (whirlwind warrior)
  2. Should I farm mythical 3 on floor 200 or/and farm maps that are floor 200+?
  3. Is it good to have some sockets on items for mythstones or can the affixes on higher items be better than mythstones?
  4. After pulling multiple mobs does the game get a little bit laggy for you guys? Just started happening to me floor 200 mythic 3
    5.Anything else I should know about?

Thanks for all the replies.

Just tried floor 200 on mythic 3 and went through it quite fast other than ignis. He has a lot of hp



  1. Whirlwind Guide: [build] Warrior [Whirlwind + Earthshatter] Updated as of 010316
  2. Information for farming strategy: Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]
  3. Always prefer the existing epic affix except for the few Mythstones, which doesn’t has an epic version of it (list of epic affixes: One Mythstone is equal to a maxroll of an epic affix. At the same time, there is a t-4 (Diamond) and a t-5 (Larimar) Crystal, which allow you to reroll numeric affixes on an item. Another disadvantage is, if you have found a good legendary, you would have to invest ZIrkon (tier-16 Crystal) for getting a socket on the item, which is a very high investition vs Diamond or Larimar (t4 & t5). Beside of that, once you have put a Mythstone on an item you can only remove it with Garnet (t-17 Crystal).
    For lategame, you want to get Elixer (tier-20 Mythstone) on your Jewelry. It gives you +2 set.
  4. Which skills are you using? Which device do you have?
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