Quests needed


To implemented my idea there is no need to change the game much :slight_smile:
The idea:
Quest that requires player to get a certain amount of a specific item (myth stones, crystal, gear). Example: “For this day quest you must obtain 40 wands in your bag.
Reward: 100000 hero points” (the reward should be random and player should be allowed to do it at least twice a day)
Quest that requires player to get a specific item. Example: “For this month you must obtain the Spellbinder in you bag”
Reward: 50 obsidian crystals" (month quest should only be done once month,reward random)

I let you to decide the rewards. Please add it to the game.


Theres feats. Its pretty much an ever ongoing quest list. :confused:


Great idea.


We also used to have Google play quests at one time but they stopped happening. God I miss getting 1 hour boosts from those quests.

But yeah feats are basically quests. Codex legendex and eternal legendex basically is a quest in itself.




Codex is a quest but its a long one. These quest that i mentioned are easy to implement in the game. Just need internet, and implement some changes in that thing that we use to get the chest to the avatar and to the game.

The attribution of the reward is almost like in the arena. The part of the chest of course its all that is needed and getting a way to give them in the campaign. Of course these is when the reward is crystals and other items.

When is the boosts are the reward the way is the same has in the game.

sorry by my bad english. I am Portuguese.


Offline daily quests like Eternium has.


Those will require more changes but why not?? I just give the idea the implementation depends of the team that make this game :joy:


That game look good, does it require Internet to play ? I see the apk file only 73 MB, does it need download additional files ?


Your talking about Eternium? Yes. It has an additional files to be downloaded.


in my mind you just have to connect to get info about the quest and once you get what the quest needs just connect again to collect the reward. Pretty simple no need for additional files :smile:


After those additional files downloaded in Eternium, then you can play the game fully offline . Although you can’t upgrade skills in Eternium without online access and it has a waiting timer (one thing I kinda dislike but not that and). It’s not pay to win though for damn sure.


Is something like this but with better design. :cold_sweat:




If you were to put diablo storyline. Quest: to seal Ignis aka dq diablo. Then go on your merry way and get the highest floor, complete all feat, get all legends ever , etc.

Just joking of course lmao.


That was just a way to show what i mean and how it works. The name of the quests and how this will happen all depends of ShinyBox


DQ2? That’s totally gonna come eventually.


those color choices are hilarious…one of these days I will post a pic that made me laugh at yours :thumbsup:


Its what i could do with the awful MS Paint. But its do what it means to do. So Its a good idea or not??


You should see my MS paint stills…no where near as good as those.
By no mean was I being rude to your picture. There are are some debug screens in another project that I thought about when I saw your image and it made me appreciate it it.

Not saying your idea is bad at all, in fact I think it would be a very nice way to do a sort of “daily quest board” thing. The time it would take for us to add something like that (and I really feel like a broken record here…repeating the same thing over and over again) the amount of time it would take steiger to implement it would take away from the great work he and others are doing on “other game”.

Thank you for the idea and please keep them coming!