Quick question about affixes

How do I improve them in a weapon or armor? Is it using diamonds to roll them until I get them higher or using some other crystal? Does higher quality of the item matter? Looking for an improvement to my plaguebringer I’ve had for a couple of months and didn’t find any other hammer that works better with my nuke (earhshatter+taunt proc+toxic proc+storm proc) play style so looking for a better version of it is my best option. Thanks in advance :blush:

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For an affix to be able to attain it’s highest roll, the equipment must be both at max level(100) and quality(25%) and using a diamond* and/or flourite.

*Diamond will reroll all of the affixes in your gear and all of them have their own respective rolls, causing some affixes to get a high roll while the others get a low roll. This is important to know because flourite can’t reroll affixes higher than epic affix. Use diamond to reroll legend/crystal affixes to their highest first before using flourite on the epic ones.


the order you want to do the affix value reroll is Diamond for any Legend Affixes, since it randomly rerolls the values of all Yellow, Orange, Red, & Cyan affixes on an Item at the same time. then use Obsidian’s to max out your Crystal affix. you need one empty space to use the Obsidian in this way, so either take out a Myth Stone & the Socket, or an Epic Affix, which can be easily replaced. then Fluorite to max out each of the Epic affixes.

also, it is easier to get the Maximum affixes on Legend Items with +25% IQ than on Epic Items. the Dev’s have stated that Affix values wont go below 75% of the Affixes maximum, so fewer random numbers to go through. on Epic Items, even with +25% IQ, although it it still easier to get a Maximum value, it randomly chooses values between the Minimum & Maximum, so unless you are blessed by RNG, it takes longer to get good or maximum values on Epic items compared to Legend Items.