Quick question about ignore resist and effective

I know the ignore resist and effective do not work in PvP. However, I wanted to see if anyone knew which of the two would be more beneficial in pve. I’m thinking that effective would be the better of the two, but if I am wrong feel free to correct me.

Also, I do enjoy the theory on why one is better than the other, so if you feel like elaborating on why which one is better would be appreciated. If not a simple “this or that is better” will do.


@Rsaw u can actually use both since effective dmg boost apply on the top of ignore resist so if u have effective mythic it just basically improve ur dmg by 25%

ignore resist is better.

ull have hard time killing mobs w/ just effective alone… if u dont want ignore resist use weaken 100-200% work well w/ effective too

Thanks. Hopefully you aren’t mad that I’m going against your advice haha. I basically just wanted to know if those 2 work together or if one overwrites the other. Although I finally got my first eternal pet today with 60% weaken so that should help a little bit.

Anyways thanks.

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