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Doesnmulti attack and extra atk chance work together ?

From what I’ve been reading; I think no. But wait for another more experienced player. Sorry I can’t help.

yes they work together. multi attack is a guaranteed ‘extra’ projectile which deals 50%mh dmg each. extra attack however gives you a chance for another attack which deals 100%mh dmg meaning it happens less often because there is only a ‘chance’ for it to occur(almost like a proc). you can have them both and they’d still work. I don’t know if this makes sense tho. sorry :smile:

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well… multi attack will always shoot out more projectile for 50% MH, so mean most multi attack give 100%MH… while extra attack give out 100% MH dmg… but on proc… proc mean “the more you attack the more chance it happen” so since multi attack will make your attack 3x instead of 1… so extra attack chance for trigger just go up by 3x also…
if proc for extra attack to come from attack without multi is 30%
then with multi it will go 30%x3=90% chance extra attack will happen… that mean it always happen…

so put into plain word… if you wep dmg is 1000
you highest final attack will be 1000+50%+50%+100%+100%+100%
mean 1000+500%=6000 dmg

the weakest will be 1000+50%+50%+100%
mean 1000+200%=3000 dmg

and that if normal affix… if it legend affix… the % will double
since in legend it will get 4 extra attack instead of 2

true but procs only happen/are triggered ‘per second’ so even if you can launch 10 normal attacks per cast, it won’t affect the ‘cooldown’ of the extra attack chance

well, multi attack has two projectiles of 50% dmg each. if the enemy blocks or dodges one of the projectiles, you only do 50% dmg.

it only true for proc from mythic… like nova… becoz it state in it… 30% chance per sec… but proc like explosive, extra ataack, toxic other… it just happen… that why aftermath build is popular… it keep spamming meteor… not once per sec… but every time… that also why green garden build create so much poison cloud at once… not one poison cloud per sec.

the mean of multi attack is to rank up the chance for other proc to happen… not to deal damage in first place… but if it hit… so it good.

i was referring to the extra attack chance proc, not all procs. sorry wrong translate haha

i meant to clarify that multi attack gives a total attack of 100%dmg, not 100%dmg at once.

yeah… that why the calc goes 50%+50% extra attack however give 100% dmg
the idea for mult attack is not for dmg in first place… it fir rank up trigger chance for other proc

Thank you very much that wa helpfull

Proc uses Pseudo-random distribution? I thought it just uses True random distribution