Quick tip to get legendary pets faster when you are new

For new players who don’t have a lot of legendary pets yet, the best way to get a legendary pet is to complete the kill 200 enslaver feat. To make this faster always watch the ad clip for a chance at getting the monster spawn bonus. This will guarantee an enslaver spawn on floor 2 and higher. When you have this bonus active, only play floor 2. It is a very small map which lets you find the enslaver faster. Kill enslaver then open floor 2 again and repeat. With the right build and some luck you should be able to average 12-15 enslavers during those mins. You can also pay 99 cents and get this bonus for a full hour. The time only ticks down when the game is unpaused so it’s a pretty good value. Havong a pet with a useful set affix is huge when you are new and 99 cents and an hour of your time to get a guaranteed legendary pet is pretty good. If you have some luck % you should get 1-2 random legendary pets during the 200 kills as well.

Note that without the bonus active enslavers don’t start spawning until floor 40 I think.

Enslavers are like shrines, most of the time they are east of where you spawn. I check south then north.

With the accomplished feat it only takes 150 kills per legendary pet drop.

Once you have a few useful legendary pets you can start farming the enslavers on floor 401 for the eternal pet drop. That takes longer but once again just race to kill enslaver then open a new map. Don’t bother with shrines unless it’s the luck boost and don’t bother with killing trash mobs or epics other than enslaver.


Do floor 500 Enslaver farming for increased chance of the Seven Deadly Sins pet as collection reasons and if you eventually want a seven deadly sins build. It’s a very rare pet but it gives you something to celebrate when you finally get it.

Good tip.

Although, it is so ungrateful doing all this boring work to get useless slime pets.

Tell me about it

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I got a slime pet that can actually make a great PvP build if possible and maybe if I get lucky, a great slime PvE pet (excluding Demonic and Angelic since they’re already too good).

It’s too much slimey, is it all legend+ pet u got ? :joy:

This is what I meant, LOL!