Hey everyone! Might quit posting on the forums. Maybe even the game. Apparently i’m stuck in the banned league until I give them transaction ID’s that I don’t have. Which is stupid… Well it was nice talking to everyone and maybe i’ll see you again

That means probably you have vanity you not paid for. If you did, you will have the proof.

I deleted all me receipts and have no way to get order numbers, how else could i get the items

I don’t know your bank, but in mine I can’t delete transactions history. Anyway I can’t help you, only support and you yourself. Maybe you can ask google for transaction history I don’t know.

I suggest you start a new account and spend the stuff to find transaction id?

Hi Swens915!

Here is a resource that can help you review your order histroy: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2850369?hl=en

https://payments.google.com is probably the easiest way to view your purchase history using Google Play. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to delete your transaction history aside from deleting your account, but you mentioned that you deleted your receipts, so not quite sure what is going on.

You were likely flagged from one of our automatic checks since I don’t remember manually flagging you. If you were reviewed by our support and they found your purchases don’t line up, that’s probably what caused the flag.

I play on IOS, I spent loads of money in the past and then deleted the Receipt emails because I never thought i’d need them again, I dont have a computer to see what my purchase history was, So basically i’m stuck in the banned league and stuck without my 3 Eternal Ascensions due to something I can’t fix :pensive:

In that case I think you should be able to check: https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ for recent purchases, but you’re right Apple is pretty difficult with tracking this stuff down. It’s a bit silly on Apple’s part that you have to be on iTunes.

Make sure to let support know you tried https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ but don’t have access to a iTunes on a computer, and link this thread.

Hope that helps!

I did that, nothing worked… Idk maybe i just do have to quit DQ haha

Holy Cow!!! If you’ve been buying boosts like I have, there would be a ton of transactions to sort through. I play on the Fire TV so do my transactions through Amazon, and the other day, I wanted to look up when I bought a digital CD, and trying to find it among my boosts was an eye-opener to how much I’ve spent in the last 3 months, and I’ve been playing/buying boosts for 18 months.

One thing you can check into through Apple’s support is to see if they can send you a downloadable report of all your transactions. Amazon has that available right on their site, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has that.

You mention that you don’t have a computer, but perhaps friend will help you out, or a public terminal at a library. You should be able to find a way to get the info you need.

Hope you can get this straightened out

True I can try, but I stopped caring. It won’t get fixed even if I do give these “Transaction ID’s”