Ragnarök chakrams

good everning(gmt -3), i have a Ragnarök chakram with throw sword and orb proc, when i attack with it, only orb proc is activated, i have this weapon for weeks and i never seen it throwing a sword, should i remove the legend affix and put another? thx

Weird, 17% is already a good value, you should see some swords

Same here, i also having one, but never see the throw proc, so i keep it in store forever…

=/ it’s a good weapon, but bugged without the throw sword is not TOO good

ragnarok weapon popular for it lagend affix %Weapon damage, i see u dont have it in your weapon withis mean u make big mistake on crafting it. for that swordthrow i think it just bug. to me that chakram now are just =/= normal weapon being craft. try get seiga weapon something name like that, warrior sword with set affix balista and swordthrow proc. jasper to rogue, it will become chakram.

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In my opinion, if your main source of damage is the ThrowSword then keep it!

Otherwise, change it to some other useful affixes like Endow or Haste MS, Ruby and Obsidian Affixes, etc.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think a Ragnarok has a Legend affix of Weapon Damage %.

Did you remove it by any chance?

December 2014.

…was ages ago before the legends remake

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