Raizen Warrior Build

Hello I just want to share my latest build currently at Eternal Division 3 and 700+ floor level. Suggestions and comments to further improve my build are welcome thank you and more power to Dungeon Quest.

i really cant quite see some affixes cuz im using phone… as for pvp u ned to make another set for it if u planing to climb up eternal div1

Try to click the image to enlarge it.

@Raizen i downloaded the image so that i can zoom lel… to make it better u need to make separate build for pve and pvp.
for pve u can remove cerebral vortex and other set affix change with other usefull affix like living force( if ur main spam skill is toss)or zealotry (since ur using hammer gives ms boost + dmg boost cuz of momentum), adventurer(great dmg boost works well with momentum)also remove stun,frozen immune kinda waste of slot affix
get ignore resist affix instead of crafting effective mythic. also save slot affix as much as u can by avoiding crafting mythic set on all ur gears (craft on those important such as resourse system ex. ur bloodmagic)
bloodmagic is good but energy is also viable gives u high dmg boost.(works pretty well with warriors)

as for mythic
bloodmagic or energy(i prefer much)
chest - brutal is good but ruptured is better if u use toss a lot and better in pvp too
sunctuary - really good pve/pvp
bombard - its fine cosmic orb is good to specially if u go pvp
nove- still good but i prefer vanish for (survival) in pve/pvp and enigma really good in pvp if ur a toss build

also decide if what element ur goin to use if poison then make all ur equip to poison element then change all the nature to of element (additional 30% elem dmg)

important affixes. elemcrit (nova alone wont be sufficient, get atleast 30-60% elemcrit
elemcritdmg get atleast 2-3x
100%wep dmg (on ur main cast skill)
crushing blow - really good in pve(specially on 1k+ floor)
critchance and crit dmg (well u got it)
5000wd(put this on ur main spam skill if toss is ur main spam put it on hatchet)
5000ED-great dmg boost combine with %ED
glasscannon(great dmg boost but result to low hp it ur choice)
actually if u go higher 1m hp is not enough to tank mobs. even my hireling got 19M hp stil dies. if u want to go tanky w/ high dmg burst go greengarden build but if u dont want u need to sacrifice ur tankiness and go dmg path w/ deff affixes such as block, dodge, vanish mythic.

as for pvp cerebral vortex is mandatory.
important affixes.
reflect dmg 1x
1% hp on hit 2x
defiant and bloodmagic really works well on pvp.
get all defensive crystal affix on all ur gears.(ex. hp%, all resist, armor, luck(if u go fauns gift), block%, dodge%)
5000ED a must on pvp 4-7x (if u want dmg)
hp10000 3-5x
stun/blind/frozen immune - ur choice actually( i made it to rank 1 eternal div 1 w/o this affixes) depends on what u prefer. but u will probably need frozen and stun immune now if ur climbing to rank 1 against Goodboy.handi and malunya ice build rogue. they got high % elemcrit u will be disable most of the time( u can win them w/o it but u will have hard time) though u will need to sacrfice some affix too if u put this. like hp and ed thus u will lose some hp and dmg.
perseverance - amust on pvp since almost all pvpier got dot bleed skills get 2x = 80% reduce dmg on bleed dot( some pvpier can deal 30-70k+ dmg on bleed alone)
use defensive talents. blesses(makes u really tanky) if u dont have elemcrit use lightning element ( %stack dmg per hit doesnt rely on elemcrit)

ive been to eternal rank 1 many times as warriors so u can trust me (but im still a newbie der still lot better players)

Thanks man for the help now I have something to plan for again he he.

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Hello there Division 2. :joy:

Question about energy mythic does prayer talent have any effect on it coz I rely on my offhand for healing thanks man.

My Skills are Whirlwind / Toss @ 24 coz I use them both on offense, Torrent @ 30 coz it procs most of the time, Earthshatter / Charge @ 10 and Strength / Intelligence @ 20.

My Talents are Might, Fustigate, Zealous, and Prayer all @ 20.

I’ve crafted an energy helm a while ago and tested it in PVM what I’ve noticed is that the energy regeneration per second can’t catch up with my attack per second. I can’t spin my whirlwind non stop and throw hatchets rapidly but I really love the idea of having that additional damage. Maybe having 2x Push the Limit affix also doubled the energy consumption if that’s the case I will have to stick with Blood Magic.

hero skill does not apply on pvp. u ned mp on hit for energy in pvp … better use bloodmagic on pvp if u got push to the limit … all stats on pvp are nerf.

deng ive been kick down to top2 again that wiz-khalifa guy workin hard… i sleep at top1 last night w/2380 rating. gona grind points again take back my throne haha pvp-hype