Ranked up league arena

Wooo :smile:


keep getting better! I guess I have to get the dust off of my Wizard, reCraft his Gears, and work my way up a little higher in the Eternal League… I think I might have dropped down into Mythic again from offline losses. :crying_cat_face:

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I have not played this game in many years haha my pvp set is probably so bad haha :laughing:

I feel your pain. I get up to Eternal League, but my Gears are so bad that when I don’t spend time in Battle Arena, I end up dropping down to Mythic League where I get Chests every once in a while. so I have a bunch of work to do to keep from dropping to Mythic all the time.

I just won my first fight in ranked


I also ranked up twice yesterday

I was testing a new PVP Build last night, and need to spend some time tweaking the A.I. controls for defense.

congratz on getting started in Battle Arena @Cmarithedragonslayer !

I have no clue what to set my ai haha :sweat_smile:

I usually just winged it, but now I’m trying to figure out a good configuration. in the A.I. test, my character keeps rushing towards the enemy. I want it to keep a certain distance while continuing to attack as best as it can. I have a lot of testing in my near future…

@Golem im finna fight again

go as far as you can, then it’s time to make a better Arena Build.