Rate and help me with this build

e1 e2 e3 e4 e5 e6
Im Actually addicted to proc so ye waahahaha

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Im addicted to proc too lol but can you tell me what is the build purpose. It can be farming, floor climbing, PvP or ascension build and also you need to have the set affix which is the green one on each set to become more powerful.


Where is all sets?


its for all purpose lmao cuz i have explosion then i have alot of proc whah

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um didnt u see the pic that i send

I have sent a high quality picture of my build

Ignore Resist makes Weaken useless.

as mentioned above, you could use +2 to +4 all Sets. this will make your Set (Green) affixes more powerful (8 is max).

Timewarp Proc isn’t really needed, as it is only increasing the damage of the Throw Sword Proc, and I think Boomerang & maybe Whirling Blades.

also, +1 to +10 All Skills. this will boost the damage and special abilities of all Procs and Skills being used on your Build by +1 for each +1 all Skills.

put an Epic (Orange) +100% Weapon Damage on your Chakram. this will increase the damage of your MH Skill and all Proc Skills that do damage.

putting some Stat Points into Power will also increase your damage, especially if you put in the +100% WD.

you might not be able to make all of these changes, but the help written like this will help the most.

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yoooo thx bro for the suggestion i will do that anytime soon

the time warp actually help me in arenas soooo