RATE MY BUILD: Rogue PvE - Kingdom of Greed [Eternalized, Nadroji, Crystalline and Epiphany]

Hello Wold! Welcome!

Someday I woke up and thought: "Why am I too poor in this game? Let's rock today!". So I've checked forums and got some idea: "I'm gonna combine powerful high level strategies with low farming levels builds!" and voilá what I've made.

Before showing build, let's see its features:

  • 1012% Luck
  • 250% Item Drops (Solo, No hireling)
  • Epiphany, Crystalline, Eternalized and Nadroji set affixes (Gonna catch 'em all)
  • Frozen + Crushing Blow to make things fast
  • Almost permastealth to stay carefree about surviving (Not perma cause full at slots :x)

Obs.: I didn't put gold find affixes cause dealer perk + item drops is enough for me making tons of gold, so I focused about Luck, Item Drops and Set Affixes to get good farms.

The Build

Comments: The pet doesn't matter, just its affixes. I only farm in floors 600-700 with pack size, taking about 5 mins cause I stop too much to sell items, still trying to get a LOOP OF EPIPHANY. I know I can buy one now, but lol, it takes some nerve knowing I never got one by drops. :'( I've made this build 1 month ago, so before ver 3.0 new features, but now, I'm very rich hahahahahahahahaha. Okay, focus, before having 1337 itens, I heavily relied upon element critical DMG, what by my calcs were making me stupid powerful. Although, I've found it's was extremely ineffective against epic+ enemies due they frozen resistance.

Mission: I want rebuild it, but taking its concept to deal epic+ mobs and maybe go higher floors?(not too much important)

Using Frozen in farming is awsome but,

  • Change Pet Set Affix to Momentum so Movement Speed Legend Affix is not wasted and you can run faster. :blush:

  • You can still alive without permastealth. :blush:

  • for farming Legend Items… that can only get on 700+ floors, farm too many Legends on Floor 200+ish and salvage it to Dust and unlock it on LegendEx Codex.

  • for farming you must increase loot radius, 10 up is better…

  • Put 2 Nadroji’s the better the enemy Rarities :grinning:

  • As I discover when using Rogue your biggest wall to face is lack of mana… Use Desperation on Headgear if you need more mana.

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For finding Epiphany Set Legend/Eternal go 1200+ Floor M3 … I got my Epiphany Set there and my Eternal Epiphany Hat. But sad to say I converted my Hat before because I cant use it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

thank you for your advice

I’d second switching pet to momentum. Also after that I would change adventurer to either Faun’s gift (survivability), Nadroji robe (for enemy rarity bonus), or something that gives a nice damage boost. (Permafrost for instance.)

yeah, I’m trying to get one pet with momentum now. I’m thinking about permafrost, but I can’t agree about Faun’s Gift because I use glasscannon and it demand slots for HP+. Thanks for your advice.